This book, entitled "The Future Of Energy," is intended to address a gap in the popular understanding of energy. By "popular," it is not meant to suggest that confusion about energy is found only among the casually interested. To the contrary, policymakers — from Presidents to Governors to countless legislators — will often make statements that are speculative at best, implausible at worst, and almost always offered without a firm grounding in the science and economics of energy. Even energy experts make occasional misstatements. It is, on one hand, easy to forgive such casual errors, as "energy" is a rather ineffable notion and one that lives restlessly at the murky junction of physics, chemistry, law, international relations, agronomy, architecture, and sociology, just to name a few academic disciplines. But, on the other hand, the importance of energy makes a misunderstanding of it have serious consequences for the United States and the planet, too.


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